HBO, Snyder Plan “Watchmen” TV Series?

Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation of Alan Moore’s iconic comic creation “Watchmen” was lauded for its stylistic choices and design, even if the film itself received only a good (not great) response from the critics and at the box-office.

At the time there was talk that the comic would work better as a serialised TV adaptation. That may now be happening with Collider reporting that Snyder has been in meetings with HBO to talk about a potential “Watchmen” TV series.

Their sources say while the meetings have taken place, there’s no details as to whether it would be a prequel series, a whole new adaptation, a sequel series or a reboot.

The show is certainly a long way from a green light though, and the network has hit snags recently such as with the scrapping of two David Fincher-produced series in the works. It’s also unclear what Snyder’s involvement will be at this time.