HBO Sex Scenes To Be More Comfortable

Hbo Sex Scenes To Be More Comfortable2

HBO has earned a reputation for its graphic nudity and sex scenes, and now it’s doing something about the making of those scenes to ensure actors engaging them feel far more comfortable and looked after.

As per Rolling Stone and the network itself, HBO is now making it a company policy on all productions going forward to hire an ‘intimacy coordinator’ for sex scenes. Actress Emily Meade was the key figure behind the move, her suggestion during production on the second season of “The Deuce” led to the hiring of Alicia Rodis into the position on the series.

According to the article, an intimacy coordinator serves a mediator among actors, directors, producers and crew. She reviews scripts, facilitates group discussions about the sex scenes they’re going to film and meets with actors individually.

When sex scenes are added or tweaked in a day’s shoot, she will break the news to an actor, checking in to clarify what their personal boundaries are and to make sure consent is informed and certain before moving forward. She then serves as the actor’s advocate in discussions with the production team.

Meade tells the outlet: “It’s not the things [she does] that are so radical. It’s just having someone other than yourself to think about it. It shouldn’t be a radical concept to give someone something to cover their private parts. But to have someone do it at all – the gesture of it – it helps.”

Rodis’ performance in the job was so well-received that show creator David Simon said he plans to use one on every project he does moving forward. Rodis herself is already at work on the sets of the “Deadwood” telemovie, the new “Watchmen” series, and the upcoming “Crashing”. She’s also training new coordinators to be available during other productions.