HBO Planning A Remake Of “Borgen”

Four major Scandinavian TV series have made big critical and commercial impacts overseas – “The Killing,” “The Bridge,” “Wallander” and “Borgen”. The first three have since seen remakes of generally lesser quality by AMC, FX and The BBC respectively.

Now, HBO has negotiated a deal with BBC Worldwide to create an American version of the fourth. Camilla Hammerich, the producer of the Danish TV political drama “Borgen,” revealed the news though says that nothing has been formally announced at this point.

The original “Borgen” tells the fictional story of the European country’s first female Prime Minister. Hammerich says: “I’ve seen an idea of how they can do it and I think it will work. It’s still Borgen, but it’s an American Borgen with American politics. It’s very interesting. We never thought that Borgen would travel anywhere and that doing a remake would be so weird. But talking to these guys, I really think it would be possible.”

The original show’s creator Adam Price will serve as a consultant on the remake.

Source: THR