HBO Ditches Aronofsky’s “MaddAddam” Series

HBO has confirmed that they are no longer developing the Darren Aronofsky-backed series adaptation “MaddAddam” based on Margaret Atwood’s trilogy of books.

The project is set in a futuristic period of man-made tyranny, destruction, and plagues. Eliza Clark, a Yale-trained playwright and sister-in-law to Joss Whedon, penned the series and Aronofsky says the project is still viable:

“It is all written. We are working hard on it, and trying to figure it out… ware still in play. We just went with the best writer. Her work is amazing. It was interesting to see how her brain worked and processed to bring it all into a cohesive universe. Figuring out how to focus it into a ten-episode series was really challenging. It is such a massive, amazing piece, and we are just trying to find the right home.”

No word on potential new homes for the series.

Source: Vulture