Hayter, Pink To Direct Werewolf Films

Two werewolf related projects seem to have scored directors today, lets take a look.

First up scribe David Hayter (“X-Men,” “Watchmen”) will make his directorial debut on the $18 million thriller “Wolves” for TF1 reports Deadline.

Described as a less chaste “Twilight”, Hayter’s script de-constructs past werewolf films of their mythology and make it a more blunt metaphor for teenage sexual awakening.

The project almost got going once before with Thomas Dekker and Ray Stevenson, but the credit crunch put a stop on that.

In other lycanthropic news, Steve Pink (“Hot Tub Time Machine,” “Accepted”) is attached to direct the R-rated horror comedy “Werewolves of Reseda” reports Production Weekly.

Brian Frank’s script follows a group of guys who live in San Fernando Valley suburbia and gradually turn into werewolves. The changes actually end up being a benefit to their family lives.

Lawrence Grey will apparently produce.