Hawn On The Problem Of Modern Comedies

Goldie Hawn hasn’t made a film for fifteen years, but returns to the big screen with this Summer’s Amy Schumer-led comedy “Snatched”.

For decades Hawn was a bankable film star who has had a fair share of both dramas but mostly comedies to her name including such films as “Private Benjamin,” “Foul Play,” “Death Becomes Her,” “Overboard,” “The First Wives Club,” “Bird on a Wire” and “Wildcats”.

That means she certainly has perspective on the film comedy genre and in a new just published interview with Cinema Blend that was recorded at CinemaCon last month, she spoke about how film comedy has changed in the time she’s been in the industry and how many are missing what drew her in to her old projects – proper depth of story:

“Things have changed a lot. I look at story, right? All movies for me were always about story. And comedy went with that, with character development, story… because you could turn anything into a comedy. And every movie that I had done or produced I could tell as a drama. And some people didn’t recognize it. But the drama is what grounds the comedy.

And so today I don’t see that as much. You can go out there and you can be funny, and you can do sketches, and things, but somehow they don’t quite link together to create a real story. And I think we are storytellers! That’s who we are as filmmakers. So I miss that. Because it’s easy to get a cheap joke, but how does it connect to the next piece of it, and what does it add up to.

So this particular movie had all the bones and everything to be, what I perceived the movie, to be something that you remember. A lot of movies you don’t remember, but when you look at movies like ‘Trainwreck’ which was really funny, it was out there, it was crazy, Amy [Schumer] was doing the best of Amy. But there was pathos, those scenes with the father were really deep scenes. That’s what you remember, and that’s what your brain remembers, because it hooks on to what you’re experiencing emotionally. So that’s the long and the short of it.

“Snatched” is currently slated to open in cinemas on May 12th.