Hawley Talks The Future Of FX’s “Fargo”

There was an eighteen month gap between the first and second season of FX’s “Fargo” series which began airing April 2014 and October 2015 respectively. Showrunner Noah Hawley has confirmed that they are targeting a second half 2017 airing but hasn’t locked down a specific month just yet.

Reports have indicated Ewan McGregor will lead the new season playing two roles in a story set in the early 2010s and deal with how Minnesota is being imperiled by the invasive rise of social media culture. In a new interview with Vulture, Hawley was non-committal about the future of the series after this point but is happy that he isn’t forced to adopt a regular scheduled with it:

“Every time I’m in the middle of one [season] I go, I don’t know if there’s another one. I know that big corporations don’t usually do a mic drop after a success, but one of the things I really respect about John Landgraf and FX is we did the first one and it was a huge success, and we wouldn’t have done another unless we both felt like we could equal it or top it.

It was the same with this one – the bar is very high, and I don’t think there has to be ten years of something to make it great. If usually you get, what, five seasons in five years? I’ll probably have three seasons in five years given the first one was 16 months between seasons and this one will be 18 or 20 months between seasons. So at that point… I don’t know.

I mean it’s gotta work. But the other thing is, maybe then you go, ‘Okay, great, we had three, those came relatively easily,’ and you do the Louis C.K. thing and say, ‘Hey, it’s four years later, I have another one,’ and then you just make that. If it isn’t an anthology or a limited series in that way, you can event-ize it and not stick to that TV schedule.”

Hawley is now also busy on the X-Men-inspired “Legion” series and an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegurt’s “Cat’s Cradle”.