Hawley Drops Universal Monster Movie?

Noah Hawley, the acclaimed showrunner of FX’s anthology series “Fargo,” is keeping super busy it seems. Along with remaining in that capacity on the show’s third season which is currently casting, he has numerous other plates spinning in the air right now.

There’s the first live-action “X-Men” spinoff series “Legion” which is going to pilot, there’s a limited series adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut sci-fi novel “Cat’s Cradle,” and there’s his feature directorial debut “Man Alive”. It’s so packed that something has got to give, and it looks like something has – his plans to pen a film for Universal, a project thought to be one of the ‘Classic Monsters’ cinematic universe films the studio has been developing.

Hawley previously signed on to write the script for one of the interconnected films at the studio, but in a new piece for Vanity Fair he says he bit off more than he could chew:

“I wasn’t really able to write the movie for Universal in the time period that they were hoping for it, so we said no harm, no foul. There aren’t enough hours in the day, especially because I have young kids. I refuse to compromise the family time any more than I have to.”

Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan are serving as the shepherds of the interconnected Universal Monsters series which begins with “The Mummy” next year, a Johnny Depp-led ‘The Invisible Man,” and a potential “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” with Russell Crowe amongst others.