Hawke Joins “Hours,” Sought For “Training”

Ethan Hawke has signed up for the Brian Smrz-directed thriller “24 Hours to Live” which goes on sale shortly at the upcoming European Film Market. The story follows an assassin given another shot at life after being revived by his employer.

The casting comes as CBS is reportedly seeking Hawke to reprise his role of Jake Hoyt from 2001 cop drama “Training Day” in the upcoming TV series based on the property says Deadline.

The new show will follow a now corrupt older white cop taking a young black detective under his wing, a reverse of the original film’s setup. At least two versions of the pilot script existed, the one that got greenlit has Hoyt in support as the Deputy Chief.

The site indicates Hawke would be fine with the occasional guest appearance (ala Bradley Cooper in “Limitless”) but not a regular recurring role.