Hawke, Farmiga Join LaBute’s “Hope”

Ethan Hawke, Vera Farmiga and Emmanuellle Devos have joined Ed Harris in Neil LaBute’s long-gestating 1970’s-set crime-thriller “The Geography of Hope” for Sundial Pictures and Boomdozer Inc.

The story follows two small time crooks (Hawke and Harris) who are keeping a low profile in a Baja resort after a heist goes wrong.

When they meet two women holidaying together (Farmiga and Devos), sparks fly romantically but tension builds when a large amount of cash is found in their room.

The discovery sets in motion a series of events that pits man against woman and friend against friend, leading to a bloody conclusion.

Stefan Nowicki, Joey Carey, Trace Sheehan and Tim Harms will produce. Shooting kicks off in Puerto Rico in January

Source: Screen Daily