Hawke Departs Schrader’s New Western

Hawke Departs Schraders New Western

At last report, “First Reformed” filmmaker Paul Schrader was hoping to re-team with that film’s star Ethan Hawke for his new western drama “Nine Men from Now” which also stars Willem Dafoe.

During a recent Q&A however (via IndieWire), Schrader offered an update on the project – a remake of the 1956 oater “Seven Men from Now” and a film he describes as a “neo-meta western”. Sadly it looks like Hawke is out according to Schrader who also goes on to colorfully describe the film:

“Basically, if you took a script from 1956 that Budd Boetticher made with Randolph Scott, and you asked Terry Malick and David Lynch to come in and take a sh-t on the script, you would have the movie I’m making.”

The original ‘Seven Men’ followed a sheriff, haunted by the loss of his wife, who hunts for the seven men responsible for her death. Schrader’s take, which he first conceived of back in the 1980s, is more formally daring – the plan is to have the two actors playing the hero and the main villain switching characters at the end of the film’s second act.

Schrader adds that he has secured financing for the project and plans to shoot it this summer.