Hawke, Amenabar Team For “Regression”

The Weinstein Company-Dimension have scored U.S. rights to “The Others” director Alejandro Amenabar’s new English language suspense thriller “Regression”. Ethan Hawke is set to star.

Set in a small Minnesota town in 1980, plays a man who is arrested for sexually abusing his daughter, though he has no memory of it. With the help of a psychologist, he relives the memories and implicates a police officer as his partner in crime.

Suddenly other townspeople are also suddenly able to relive suppressed memories of horrific abuse. When reports come in from all around the country, the cops believe they’ve uncovered a national and potentially supernatural conspiracy. Is the abuse real, or something else?

The Weinstein deal is said to have a mid-seven figure minimum guarantee and involve a wide release-style marketing commitment.

Source: Variety