Have Your Say: “The Dark Knight Rises”

It is arguably the biggest film of the Summer, certainly amongst the most anticipated blockbusters in years. Readers of this site have been keenly following and trying to uncover every single scrap of information they can find out about the film in the four years since the last ‘Batman’ came out. Now, after much hype and build-up, it’s finally here.

Even if the reaction isn’t as high for this as it was for “The Dark Knight”, critics are loving the film. Score wise it has nabbed an 87% and 8/10 average rating on Rotten Tomatoes along with a 78/100 on Metacritic – essentially on par with “The Avengers” (that film had a much higher RT score but a much lower MC score).

The box-office haul of the film will not be reported until Monday due to the tragedy in Colorado.

I’m struggling to finish my review as I’m conflicted (not to mention jet lagged and with tonsillitis). On the one hand its a great movie superbly made, on the other – I’m not itching to see it again like I was the previous two Nolan Batman films. “The Dark Knight” is superior while “Batman Begins”, with all its flaws, is more enjoyable and rewatchable. Yet there’s some really great stuff here and more ambition than director Chris Nolan’s ever attempted before.

Now comes the chance to have your say – what did you think? Was it the best, worst or middle of Nolan’s Batman trilogy? Was Tom Hardy’s Bane an effective villain? Did Anne Hathaway step out of Michelle Pfeiffer’s shadow? Were the throwbacks to both the previous films effectively worked in?

Please note everyone’s free to discuss the entire film, so comments will include SPOILERS. I’d advise those who haven’t seen it to avoid reading any of these until after you’ve seen the film.