Have Your Say: Source Code, Insidious, Hop

Three major wide releases hit this weekend – a family comedy, a supernatural thriller, and a sci-fi action tale.

Leading the pack amongst the critics is “Source Code” with an 88% and 7.4/190 on Rotten Tomatoes and a 74/100 on Metacritic – making the Jake Gyllenhaal thriller the second most well-received wide release in cinemas this year so far, behind only “Rango”.

After a great reception in Toronto last year, James Wan’s “Insidious” has hit a mixed but still decent reaction amongst critics (a group usually very harsh on horror films) – boasting a 59% and 5.6/10 RT score, along with a 52/100 on MC.

The dud this week is “Hop”, the part-CG animated comedy featuring James Marsden and the voice of Russell Brand. It scored just 24% and 4.3/10 on RT and only a 41/100 on MC. Yet like most family films, it’s likely to win the weekend at the box-office.

Also in limited release comes the likes of James Gunn’s superhero farce “Super”, the odd high concept but zero budget tale “Rubber”, Paz Vega getting sexy in “Cat Run”, and Susanne Bier’s Oscar winning foreign-language feature “In a Better World”.

Now’s the chance to have your say. Was “Source Code” a revelation or some bastard hybrid of “Groundhog Day” and “Deja Vu”? Was “Insidious” terrifying and exciting or mundane and silly? Was “Hop” a good all-round piece of pre-Easter fluff or a sick and rabid rabbit that should’ve been boiled Fatal Attraction-style.

Please post your thoughts in the comments below, the more concise and clever the better. As usual, several of the more creative quotes will be added to the article below shortly.