Have Your Say: “Kick Ass 2”

With the big tentpoles of the Summer behind us, August sees the usual crush of smaller genre releases along with the opening of the first few potential awards candidates come year’s end.

The biggest film opening this weekend is the R-rated “Kick Ass 2,” Jeff Wadlow’s sequel to the edgy and well-regarded 2010 Matthew Vaughn film. Reception for this follow-up has been starkly different – the film scoring a lot of outright pans and mixed reaction from even the first film’s staunchest supporters.

That isn’t the only opener though. The Liam Hemsworth-led thriller “Paranoia” also hits, and has scored even more savage reviews. The unofficial Steve Jobs biopic “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple founder hasn’t fared much better with the critics either.

Only “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” seems to have scored halfway decent reviews, and is also expected to do solid numbers, while last week’s top opener “Elysium” is also expected to hold fairly steady box-office wise.

Now’s the time to have your say, what did you think? “Kick Ass 2” will be the big film everyone wants to talk about, and SPOILERS are permitted below. Was it considerably weaker than the first? Were you happy with “Elysium”? Did you bother with any of the other releases this week? Please let us know in the comments below.