Have Your Say: Holmes 2, Mission 4

Two of the biggest movies of the season hit this weekend. In wide release on 3,700 screens is “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, the much anticipated sequel to Guy Ritchie’s adrenalin-injected tentpole reinvention of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed sleuth with Robert Downey Jr. reprising the role.

Reviews for ‘Game’ are only slightly behind the first film – 63% (6.2/10) for ‘Game’ vs. 70% (6.2/10) for the original on Rotten Tomatoes, 49/100 for ‘Game’ vs. 57/100 for the original on Metacritic. It’s also behind the first with a $14.7 million first day haul vs. $24.6 million which the first Holmes took in on two years ago – though it had the added benefit of opening on the Christmas Holiday.

In a smaller but still substantial release are sneak previews of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”. With 30 minutes shot in IMAX, ‘Protocol’ is only being screened on 425 IMAX screens for the next five days before heading out to an additional 3,000 on Wednesday. Around 10% of those screens also have the 6-minute prologue for “The Dark Knight Rises” attached which is a mini-event in itself.

Reviews for this fourth ‘Mission’ are amongst the best for any action film all year and easily trounce the three previous movies. On Rotten Tomatoes it scores a 95% (7.6/10) – the previous films in the series scored 61% (5.9/10), 57% (6/10) & 70% (6.6/10) respectively. On Metacritic it scored a 75/100 vs. the 60/100, 60/100 & 66/100 for the previous films.

Despite being on only around 1/9th the screens of ‘Holmes’, this ‘Mission’ came in third on Friday with $4.1 million on opening day. That equates to a $9,671 per screen average – in comparison ‘Holmes’ got a $3,970 average while second placer “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked” landed a $1,826 average.

Now’s the time to have your say – was Sherlock’s second outing more or less fun than the first? Was this ‘Mission’ worth accepting? Did the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ prologue lead to a corresponding rise in your excitement? Please let us know below.