Have Your Say: “Green Lantern”

Making headlines for the wrong reasons this week, Warner Brothers costly “Green Lantern” finally hits U.S. cinemas today.

Reviews haven’t been good. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 25% positive and a 4.5/10 average rating. Films that have scored very similar marks include “Fantastic Four,” “What Happens in Vegas,” “House of Wax,” 2004’s “The Punisher” and both Russell Brand’s “Arthur” remake and “Hop”.

Over on Metacritic it scored a more generous 40/100, just one shy of the panned Paul Bettany sci-fi thriller “Priest”. I won’t be reviewing it due to the delay here in Oz (see this feature for more).

The film itself took in $3.4 million in midnight sales on Thursday night – on par with “X-Men: First Class”. Early indicators suggest the film is expected to earn anywhere between $50-60 million for the weekend.

Now’s the chance for your say. Are all the haters overstating their case? Is it an enjoyable and true to the comic adventure, or is it the train wreck early reviews suggested?