Have Your Say: “Deathly Hallows Part Two”

It’s here, the single biggest film event of the year – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two”. Reviews are stellar across the board while the domestic box-office opening weekend record held by “The Dark Knight” looks set to be toppled. Already its opening in many international countries it has had the single biggest opening of all time.

I personally really enjoyed it – both in terms of filmmaking and entertainment. It’s a hard film to judge and review because more than any other in the series it simply doesn’t stand alone, it’s a film built on everything that came before it.

Unlike some other endings to long running serial shows or franchises, this one definitely satisfies. Yates has made some departures from Rowling’s often anticlimactic book and almost all of them are the better for it. The Snape flashback sequence is one of my single favourite sequences on film in ages, and the pacing was almost too fast as I’d like to have seen some scenes expanded.

That said some minor bits were a slight let down – was hoping Molly Weasley’s famous line would’ve been delivered with more brio, while the epilogue make-up/visual effects just weren’t convincing.

Now you have the chance for your say. What did you think – did it live up to all your expectations? Surpass them? Please let us know int he comments below.