Have Your Say: “Contagion,” “Warrior”

The Fall film season began in earnest this weekend with the release of two high-profile films – both straddling that line between appealing to commercial wider audiences and higher brow art house filmgoers.

Gavin O’Connor’s brother vs. brother fighting story “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton scored strong notices (RT: 83% & 7.4/10; MC: 72/100), ahead by only the tiniest of margins against Steven Soderbergh’s all-star ensemble viral pandemic thriller “Contagion” (RT: 82% & 7.2/10; MC: 69/100).

In terms of numbers critical acclaim for “Warrior” is sitting about equal to “Avatar,” “The Ghost Writer,” “Super 8” and “Easy A”. “Contagion” is around the same as “Scott Pilgrim,” “Unstoppable,” “Bright Star” and the last of the “Star Wars” prequels.

Basically both are getting strong reviews, the question is for those that have seen them – do they live up to hype? Please tell us your thoughts below and try to avoid spoilers where possible.