Have The “Star Wars” Villains Been Revealed?

There has been numerous rumors about the potential villains of the currently in production “Star Wars Episode VII” from Sith Lords, to bounty hunters to ‘Sith Witches’, to even ‘The Inquisitor’ from the upcoming “Star Wars: Rebels” animated series. There’s been no confirmation regarding any of them.


Now, Latino Review has dropped a pretty massive report that reveals some potentially major spoilers about the movie’s plot. Whilst most of the rumors so far have dealt with the first act of the film, this reveal is very much second act stuff.

It suggests the ‘The Inquisitors’ are the villains of the piece: “The Inquisitors are defenders of the Sith Order and they’ve been around for a long time. Just how long is what turns Episode VII’s story on its head”

Now we start hitting the real spoilers. Luke Skywalker has been captured by the Inquisitors, and once he escapes he tells his friends their story. That leads to a flashback, the first in the franchise.

In said flashback, Carrie Fisher’s real life daughter Billie Lourd plays a young Princess Leia and shows a time where the Inquisitors were being controlled by Darth Vader who will appear. This is essentially a “retroactive continuity adjustment” and also implies ‘Rebels’ will be “much more important than we anticipated”.

In the present day scenes in ‘Episode VII’ though, do these Inquisitors have a leader? Bad Ass Digest says yes, and that we’ve already seem a part of him: “There’s a main Inquisitor villain (I don’t know his name) Want to know what he looks like? He wears a black robe. His eyes are deep red. And half of his face is metal. He’s a cyborg. That was his hand in the picture JJ Abrams shared with the note about A Force For Change.”