Hauty On Being The Last Pharaoh

Chris Hauty (“Never Back Down”) tells Sun Media that he’s presently polishing Carl Franklin’s script for the Will Smith-produced “The Last Pharaoh”.

Smith’s Overbrook Entertaiment is developing the film which centers on Pharoah Taharqa, the 7th Century BC ruler of Egypt and last king of the Nubian Dynasty (Ethiopean-descended blacks) .

Thus the film will cover the battles between the Ethiopian-ruled Egyptians and the Assyrians for the throne. Taharqa himself, described as one of the most brilliant military tacticians in history, managed to hold off an invasion by Assyrian leader Esarhaddon.

When Esarhaddon finally managed to capture Egypt several years later, Taharqa helped start an insurrection. Esarhaddon’s son finally managed take over Egypt, which then received several decades of unparalleled peace and prosperity before falling under Persian control. Taharqa meanwhile had fled back to Nubia where he died.

Hauty says “It’s an open writing assignment from Will’s company. It’s something he’s taken a big interest in.”