Hauer Explains His “Blade Runner 2049” Issues

While several actors from Ridley Scott’s original 1982 film “Blade Runner” returned for the Denis Villeneuve-directed sequel “Blade Runner 2049” last year, one notable but understandable absentee was Rutger Hauer whose replicant character Roy Batty died at the end of the first.

Hauer has previously expressed that he didn’t see the point of doing a sequel. Now, speaking at the Berlin International Film Festival, the actor confirmed that he has seen the film but hasn’t changed his opinion on it. He tells THR:

“I sniff and scratch at it. It looks great but I struggle to see why that film was necessary. I just think if something is so beautiful, you should just leave it alone and make another film. Don’t lean with one elbow on the success that was earned over 30 years in the underground.

In many ways, ‘Blade Runner’ wasn’t about the replicants, it was about what does it mean to be human? It’s like ‘E.T.’ But I’m not certain what the question was in the second ‘Blade Runner.’ It’s not a character-driven movie and there’s no humor, there’s no love, there’s no soul. You can see the homage to the original. But that’s not enough to me. I knew that wasn’t going to work. But I think it’s not important what I think.”

Hauer also spoke about the movie industry in general and memorably says: “I look for hard balls. And I don’t see much balls in most films today.” He also mentioned one project he turned down that, looking back on it he’d wish he’d been a part of, was “Das Boot”. However if he had taken it, he wouldn’t have been able to do “Blade Runner”.