Hateful Eight Release Plans Scaled Back

Quentin Tarantino’s ambitious 70mm roadshow presentation plans for his new western “The Hateful Eight” seem to keep shrinking by the day.

Originally the plan was to show the 70mm roadshow version on 100 screens across the United States starting Christmas Day. That two-week exclusive run would then be followed by a wide release of a slightly shorter theatrical cut from January 8th.

Then came word earlier this week that the company’s target of 100 screens being able to play the 70mm would not be met – not even close. JoBlo has reported that the target number has been effectively cut in half with only 50 screens able to do the proper 70mm presentation – mostly due to the expense involved.

In order to meet the 100 screen target though, a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) version of the roadshow cut has apparently become available and that option is now being finalised so it will hit 100 screens. At the same time, the wide release of the theatrical cut version is being moved up a week and will now launch on New Year’s Day according to Deadline.

This means the roadshow presentation will only have a one week exclusive run but will still be available in the select locations once the regular run begins. How wide the film will go on January 1st isn’t clear but it will be as many as TWC can book – with further screens to come on January 8th.