Hateful Eight Poster, Exhibition Cost Revealed

The Weinstein Company has debuted the final poster for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming western “The Hateful Eight” which opens on Christmas Day in an exclusive two-week roadshow opening in 70mm before going wide on January 8th.

For some cinemas, that two-week engagement is going to cost them a pretty penny. A theater installation specialist speaking with The New York Times says along the lines of $60-80,000 per cinema will be spent to screen the film in 70mm projection, not counting labor costs.

One hundred screens across North America will be running the 70mm roadshow – the largest such opening for a 70mm film since 1992. In comparison “Interstellar” opened on just eleven comparable screens, while “The Master” ran on sixteen.

The Weinstein Company is essentially footing the bill for this, hiring the firm Boston Light & Sound who spent eighteen months arranging for old projectors to be procured, purchased and refurbished and new lenses to be made for theaters.

With most old projectors having been destroyed in the conversion to digital, there’s very few of the originals left that the company didn’t procur and ultimately Weinstein Company will have 120 complete systems at their disposal by the end. The new installations are temporary, and it’s not being revealed what will happen to the equipment after the film’s run.

The distributor needs the film to be a hit though, having recently laid off one-fifth of its staff the stakes on this film are quite high.