Hasbro & Paramount To Reboot “Power Rangers”?

Hasbro Paramount To Reboot Power Rangers

Hasbro picked up the rights to the “Power Rangers” franchise last year and CEO Brian Goldner revealed during a recent financial call that he is in talks with Paramount Pictures for a new film take on the property.

No further details were revealed, but the pairing makes sense as Paramount and Hasbro already produce the “Transformers” franchise together, and it sounds like the new film will start over from scratch as opposed to being a sequel to the recent 2017 live-action adaptation.

Lionsgate released that Dean Israelite-directed film, “Saban’s Power Rangers,” which was a costly flop – grossing $142 million on a $100 million budget. However, the franchise’s tie-in merchandise did strong enough business the property is still seen as quite viable.

Goldner has previously teased a new toyline which plans to “set the stage for an all-new era for this iconic brand”.

Source: Toku Nation (via Movieweb)