Has “Suicide Squad” Found A Harley Quinn?

British model and actress Cara Delevigne (“Anna Karenina,” “Pan”) is reportedly being seriously considered for a role in David Ayer’s upcoming “Suicide Squad” movie based on the DC Comics title says Latino Review.

In fact, Delevigne may be playing The Joker’s sidekick Harley Quinn. Quinn’s character was not in the early drafts of the script, but that may change as Ayer is expected to perform some re-writes shortly.

Delevigne also posted an illustration of Harley Quinn on her Instagram page earlier this month which is one reason she has been suggested for Quinn following her name being under consideration for ‘Squad’. The film itself follows a group of DC supervillains brought together to tackle high-risk black ops missions for the government.

Even if she misses out, Delevigne probably won’t be short on work – she’s also reportedly being considered for a role in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

The line-up of the ‘squad’ is presently expected to consist of villains Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jaculi, Mindboggler, Captain Boomerang, Vixen and Deadshot. Neither Warners or DC Comics has confirmed that line-up yet.