Has Joker In “Dawn of Justice” Been Cast?

The latest unexpected rumor about Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is that Australian actor Callan Mulvey (“300: Rise of an Empire,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) could be playing The Joker in the film according to TMZ.

A photo of what appeared to be a playing card stuck in the wall was tweeted by the film’s cinematographer the other week and has fuelled speculation about a short appearance by Batman’s greatest villain.

Mulvey’s casting in the movie has long been known, but he’s one of the few actors with a character name being kept under tight wraps.

The gossip site went to Mulvey to ask him directly if he’s playing The Joker, to which he responded “I can’t say anything man… I’m sworn to secrecy, you’re going to have to wait to see it.”