Harry Potter Producer Targets A “Zealot”

“Gravity” and “Harry Potter” series producer David Heyman is set to produce a film based on Reza Aslan’s 2013 best-seller “Zealot: The Life And Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth” for Lionsgate.

Former Focus Features chief James Schamus is penning the adaptation which explores the life of Jesus Christ from a humanistic and political context rather than a religious one.

The story is set in the tumultuous times of first-century Palestine, an age of zealotry, would-be messiahs and fervent nationalism in the face of the Roman occupation.

Into this boiling pot came a charismatic, itinerant Jewish preacher who established a revolutionary movement so threatening to both the imperial authority and his own Jewish religious hierarchy, that he was ultimately executed as a state criminal for sedition.

Jeff Clifford will also produce.

Source: Deadline