Harry Lloyd Gets “Closer to the Moon”

British actor Harry Lloyd, best known for playing white-haired Viserys Targaryen in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Will Scarlett in the BBC’s “Robin Hood”, has scored the lead role in Nae Caranfil’s period drama “Closer To The Moon” says Deadline.

Set in 1959 Bucharest, the story follows a group of Jewish former revolutionaries who’re now united against the communists. After being sentenced to death for robbing a bank under the guise of staging a film shoot, they’re first forced to reenact the caper for a propaganda film.

Lloyd plays a cameraman recruited to shoot that film and falls in love with Vera Farmiga’s character who has a child with one of the men sentenced to die (Mark Strong).

Shooting kicks off early fall in Bucharest and Michael Fitzgerald is producing.