Harrison Ford Back For “Blade Runner 2”?

Things have been a bit confusing regarding Harrison Ford’s involvement in the currently in development “Blade Runner” sequel.

Filmmaker Ridley Scott had previously stated he wanted Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard from the 1982 original. Then, the film’s producer Andrew Kosove said that the film would be a “total reinvention” and would not involve Ford.

Now, speaking with IGN, Ford himself has indicated that he’d be open to return and says he’s already spoken with Scott about it:

“We’ve been chatting about it. I remember it [the first “Blade Runner”] with complication, but… I’m not there to generate nostalgic moments. I’m there to do a job of work and I quite understand that…

Everybody has an ambition when they come into a film and that everyone’s ambition may not be so focused on the same thing.

I truly admire Ridley as a man and as a director and I would be very happy to engage again with him in the telling – the further telling of this story.”