Harmon Explains That “Rick & Morty” Renewal

Adult Swim took a hell of a long time to renew their wildly successful animated series “Rick and Morty,” and then the other month it was revealed why – the show scoring a renewal for a gigantic 70 episodes.

That more than doubled the number of existing episodes aired so far over three seasons and will take the show past the 100 episode mark. The deal was part of a series of extended discussions and series co-creator and executive producer Dan Harmon has spoken with GQ about why it took so long.

Harmon conducted part of the interview before the deal was closed and revealed both he and co-creator Justin Roiland were holding out for a contract that granted them not just many, “many, many more seasons,” but also enough money so Harmon “doesn’t have to take 12 other jobs while we’re working on season four” and thus both can give the show their full attention.

Despite the show’s ratings success, both Harmon and Roiland apparently had to take on other jobs while working on the show in order to stay afloat financially. Following the renewal’s announcement, Harmon said in a follow-up: “I can finally actually breathe and be as excited as I’ve wanted to be… From now on, the reason I’m not writing the show will be because I’m done writing it for the day, and I’m having fun. That’ll be nice.”

The pair are now presently writing the new episodes and with this deal in place it should ensure a more consistent delivery and airing of new episodes.