Harley Quinn Set For “Gotham” Season Finale

Actor David Mazouz has confirmed that fan favorite character Harley Quinn will appear in next week’s double-episode third season finale of “Gotham”.

Speaking with Movie Pilot, the young actor who plays Bruce Wayne on the series says: “she’s going to be in the finale”. The character is said to be a ‘launching point’ for the main drive of the show’s fourth season in the Fall.

Mazouz also spoke about what happens to his character in the episode, one which sees him brought face to face with Ra’s al Ghul (Alexander Siddig):

“Something major happens in the very last scene of Season 3 for Bruce. He makes a decision, that decision will influence what he does. I don’t know what’s happening in Season 4 yet, I haven’t had a script or talked to the writers about what’s going to happen, but where I see it going is somewhere I’ve wanted to see it going for a very long time. You’ll see what I mean. Bruce is going to be very busy taking on this new role that he assumes at the end of Season 3 and I think it’ll be really cool.”

The “Gotham” season finale airs Monday on FOX.