Hardy Waiting On Call For More “Mad Max”

In 2015, George Miller effectively refreshed the entire action genre with “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a film that was a critical darling and went on to win a bunch of awards and do solid box-office.

Naturally there’s been a ton of talk and desire for a follow-up with Miller rumored to be working on two more entries in the series. ‘Fury Road’ took almost two decades to bring to the screen, and though a follow-up shouldn’t take as long to get up, it certainly isn’t in any rush to get here.

Speaking with The Wrap this week to promote FX’s “Taboo,” the new Mad Max himself Tom Hardy says that the last thing he’s heard is a follow-up is still in the works and he’s just waiting on the call:

“Yeah I believe so! I don’t know when that starts, but I believe that’s in the books. There’s a couple of those floating around. I’m waiting for the call to come. It was so good, man.”

There’s been no real movement or reporting on the film since January last year when Miller had to correct stories claiming that he was done with the franchise. He dismissed those reports but said he wanted to make a smaller and less demanding film first before he goes back to the wasteland.