Hardwicke Talks Her “Hamlet” Remake

“Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke talked with Movieline about her plans for the Emile Hirsch-led contemporary update of “Hamlet” at last night’s Young Hollywood Awards.

Tone wise, Hardwicke says “It’s really like a thriller. From the day Hamlet’s father dies, three days later eight people are dead and a ghost is telling him to murder for revenge so we’re doing it as a suspense thriller”.

There’ll be some additions as well – “All the action that often is off camera, we’re showing it in great vivid detail. It’s scary…you’re going to see a lot of crazy stuff.”

Asked about comparisons with another contemporary set “Hamlet”, Michael Almereyda’s 2000 drama starring Ethan Hawke, Hardwicke says her film will be a lot “shorter and tighter”.