Harbour Talks “Hellboy” Reboot Reaction

Harbour Talks Hellboy Reboot Issues

Lionsgate’s recent reboot of the “Hellboy” franchise has been a disaster both critically and commercially. Along with receiving some of the worst reviews for a major release this year, the film has effectively closed out its global run with a $40 million haul from a $50 million budget. A terrible result.

Then came word of major on-set issues between the film’s star David Harbour, the film’s director Neil Marshall and the producers with all sorts of discussion about its messy post-production period which included Marshall allegedly being kicked out of the editing room and thus not being able to deliver a final cut.

The two previous Guillermo del Toro-directed films were quite well liked but weren’t particularly good earners in their own right, and so now it sees the franchise’s big screen possibilities are effectively dead. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, the new film’s star David Harbour says he thinks the film was judged a bit too harshly:

“We did our best, but there’s so many voices that go into these things and they’re not always going to work out. I did what I could do and I feel proud of what I did, but ultimately I’m not in control of a lot of those things.

The problem that I have with comic book movies nowadays is that I think, and it’s a result of the power of Marvel stuff, it’s like chocolate, it’s a flavor. And I sort of want a world where there’s more flavors than just comparisons to chocolate. So in that way when ‘Hellboy’ is viewed on the chocolate spectrum, it does very poorly.

That being said, it also has major problems. I think as a rental or as a movie that you see on an airplane, I think you’d be like, ‘Oh that was fun’ because it’s a fun movie, and I think it was unfairly bludgeoned as a result of these comparisons.”

Harbour himself came off one of the least hurt by the project, his performance one of the few elements that was praised. The film does not as yet have a home video release date.