“Happy Death Day 2” Plans Already Set

With the movie exceeding expectations at the box-office and doing not too shabby with critics, it comes as little surprise that this weekend’s “Happy Death Day” could be getting a follow-up.

Director Christopher Landon, out doing press for the film, tells Cinema Blend that he’s already planned out a sequel to the movie and one which would tackle one key question that first doesn’t resolve – namely why is this “Groundhog Day”-style time loop happening to the protagonist in the film:

“It’s more than a discussion. I know what it is. I know what it is. But I can’t talk about it. And that’s not a cop out! It’s a genuine ‘If.’ If we have the amazing fortune of getting to make another one of these, that’s what that movie is about.

I felt that often, when I think it’s the origin story, the first movie, that often the answer to the question is less interesting than the question itself. And I think that’s a principle that happens a lot in these kinds of movies.

So rather than getting bogged down in a bunch of exposition that nobody really wants to care about or wants to hear, I was more interested in just sort of seeing how she approaches her dilemma, and how she tries to not only solve her own murder, but also how she changes as a person. That’s where I wanted to spend my time.”

“Happy Death Day” is now in cinemas everywhere.