Hansen-Love Plans “Maya,” Assayas Films

Following her French music scene tale “Eden” and the Isabelle Huppert-led “Things To Come,” filmmaker Mia Hansen-Love isn’t slowing down with two more projects in the way.

The first is the thriller “Maya” which follows a French hostage, held in Syria, who works through his devastating experience by heading to India. Roman Kolinka will star in the project which aims to begin filming next year.

The second though is what’s getting people talking – it will be a film inspired Hansen-Love’s relationship with her husband, director Olivier Assayas (“Clouds of Sils Maria,” “Carlos”). She says she trusts Assayas will be able to be objective as the project develops.

Talking about her working relationship with Screen Daily, she says: “From my first film, he was always the one I gave the script to and showed the first editing. He reads the script in a very early stage, even before I give anything to any producer. He never shows up during shooting and I never show up during the shooting of his films. But then, when I edit, I could not show the film to anybody before I show it to him.”

No word as to when that project may move forward.