Hannibal Showrunner On Third Season Tone

On the eve of the premiere of the third season of NBC’s”Hannibal,” show runner Bryan Fuller has spoken with THR about the new season which boasts not just key new characters but a “dreamlike” quality as he calls it.

It won’t be until the fourth episode of the season where we see events directly after last season’s finale with much of the cast seemingly left for dead. The premiere on the other hand kicks off eight months later with Hannibal and Bedelia right in the thick of it in Florence. Also by ditching the murder of the week elements, Fuller says it allows us “just to connect the characters and their honest pursuit of Hannibal”.

Each of the first seven episodes have a “movie paradigm” as he calls it, with the episode being akin to a famous movie. The first is ” a bit of Talented Mr. Ripley” with the second being more “Don’t Look Now”. Fuller says he was able to introduce many of the new characters and give them screen time by splitting up the key cast members (Will, Hannibal, Jack, Alana) and pairing them with these new faces.

One mandate was to really shift Alana Bloom’s character in an effort to “become one of the most interesting characters on this show” and so she has a much more pivotal role than just the Will’s caretaker or Hannibal’s love interest which she played in the first two seasons.

As for the body count, he says that though are some big deaths in this season, they’re not as frequent as the previous two years. Also today, there’s a couple of clips from tomorrow night’s premiere episode. Check them out below: