Hannibal S3 Gets Poster & Freaky Promo

A whole bunch of new promotional material for the upcoming third season of “Hannibal” has arrived, starting with show runner Bryan Fuller tweeting a gorgeous old fashioned poster of Gillian Anderson in character and using the recent promo’s social media hashtag ‘#brideofhannibal’.

That’s not all though as a new Korean promo for the season has gone online, one featuring all sorts of crazy computer graphics, racing motorbike scenes and glimpses of some of the other key characters. Check out that promo below.

Finally the official casting photos for the season are out, the downside with these is that it gives away which characters seemed to survive the second season finale’s bloodbath. The new shots do NOT include some of the supporting characters to appear in the latter part of the season including Richard Armitage, Rutina Wesley, Zachary Quinto and Joe Anderson.

Hannibal S3 Cast