Hannibal Producers Adapt Pohl’s “Gateway”

Entertainment One Television (“Hell On Wheels”) and De Laurentiis Co. (“Hannibal”) are teaming to develop and produce a drama series adaptation of Frederik Pohl’s multiple award-winning 1977 sci-fi novel “Gateway”. A writer is now being sought.

Attempts had been made to turn the property into a film by others, but when the rights became available again producers Martha De Laurentiis and Lorenzo De Maio aggressively pursued it with plans to adapt as a TV series from the get go.

Set on Heechee, a space station originally constructed by a long-vanished alien race that is now inhabited by humans.

Haunted by a tragic romance from his past Robinette ‘Rob’ Broadhead has come to the station for a new job – to test pilot one of thousands of abandoned alien spacecrafts on Gateway.

As the technology isn’t fully understood, many of these trips result in death. Those who do make it back are heavily rewarded.

Source: Deadline