Hannibal Likely To Get Another Season

It’s one of the few shows on U.S. network television scoring as much acclaim as quality cable dramas, but ratings for NBC’s “Hannibal” have not been great. The show’s second season numbers have improved only slightly on the first, which has left many worried about its future.

Speaking with Digital Spy though, producer Bryan Fuller seems confident that the show will score a renewal:

“I hear very positive things. All of the creatives at NBC are so supportive of the show and want it back, and the schedules and salespeople are like, ‘It’s a new show, get rid of it’. We are banking on the creative people winning out over the salespeople.

The ratings are not anything to jump up and down about, but the critical acclaim is great, and we’re sort of a prestige project for the network, so we’re hoping that’s enough, like it was last year. There have been indications that it will be.”

Fuller also says the producers of the series have also explored other options (cable, VOD platforms) should NBC decide to drop them, and at last report quite a few are keen:

“The confidence hasn’t stopped us from seeking out backup plans that would get us a third season one way or another. There are many more options than there have been in the past. So I feel very confident about a season 3. We end season two in such a strange way – boy, I would be pissed [if that were the end]! We don’t quite land the plane, we leave the plane in the air.”

The show is made under a different production model which makes the whole show a low-risk, low-cost option for the network whilst bringing in both acclaim and a audience that otherwise doesn’t watch NBC shows.

NBC’s final decision will be revealed at the New York upfronts on May 12th.