Hannibal Creator Keen On “Avengers” Reboot

Having thoroughly and smartly reinvented Hannibal Lecter into a cult prequel TV series that was unlike anything else on television, acclaimed producer Bryan Fuller has suggested turning his attention towards a different genre and a pair of similarly iconic characters – John Steed and Emma Peel.

Fuller was one of several producers who recently sat down with TV Line this week to talk about show reboots and discuss which series they’d like the chance to reinvent the most. Fuller had one in mind: “would love to reboot The Avengers with Eddie Izzard as John Steed. That would be wonderful.”

The classic ITV series teamed Patrick MacNee as John Steed with several women, most notably Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. They worked by the motto: “Extraordinary crimes against the people, and the state, must be avenged by agents extraordinary.” It was a global hit which ran for 161 episodes throughout the 1960s, but a 1998 feature film adaptation with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman was poorly received.