Hannibal Could Live On As A Movie

NBC’s “Hannibal” dropped one of the most stunning episodes of television of 2015 last week, and is currently in the middle of its third and seemingly final season.

With the cancelled show’s chances of being picked up elsewhere looking more dire with each day passing, fans have been hoping someone will offer some kind of reprieve somewhere. Appearing at Comic Con this year, show runner Bryan Fuller told EW that there might be one way – a movie: “I think this finale wraps up the television series in a really good way and also is a platform for a launch in a new version of telling the story.”

Asked about where the search for a new home for the series currently stands, he says: “We are still looking; we don’t have a lot of answers and we’re looking at the possibility of a feature. So we have Hugh and Mads, who are very committed to the show and would love to continue with the show. The way this season ends, we have the opportunity for a break and hopefully we’ll be able to find a way to bring Mads and Hugh back to you.”

Fuller confirmed Netflix couldn’t pick up the show due to the Amazon deal. Surprisingly though he also says Amazon wanted to pick it up after all but they couldn’t do it due to the streaming service’s timetable: “[They] wanted to do it very quickly and I wanted to be able to get all the scripts in advance before we started shooting a fourth season and their desire to put it out immediately was impossible for us to do.”

In a press conference after the panel, Collider learned further information.

While producer Martha Di Laurentiis owns the rights to every character who originated in “Red Dragon,” MGM retains the rights to the characters that originated in “The Silence of the Lambs” including Clarice Starling. MGM, which previously had said no, at last report told them “ask us next year.” As for who they might cast? Fuller said he’d be interested in Ellen Page for the part.

Di Laurentiis says studios are interested in making a movie, but she and Fuller are still taking meetings for TV and that neither Hulu or Yahoo! Screen have “passed yet”. Part of the problem is without NBC, they’ve lost many of their international broadcasters who need the show be on a major American network in order to sell it. Without them, funding is difficult to maintain the show’s production values.

Don’t throw hate at NBC either as NBC’s President of entertainment Jennifer Salke basically kept the show on as long as she could and protected it until the ratings got so low she didn’t have a choice. It’s also why both the Florentine arc and the Red Dragon arc were brought together in the one season because the producers realised they may not get another chance.

Hugh Dancy says were a fourth to go ahead, the dynamic between Graham and Lecter would: “almost return it to the form of the first season, stylistically told differently. But each season has concluded in a way that would be satisfying if that was it.”

As for “American Gods” commitments getting in the way? Fuller says “I would find a way” to continue working on “Hannibal” were it picked up in whatever medium.