Hannibal 5-Min Clip Teases Red Dragon

Following on from the Comic Con presentation for the show, NBC has unveiled a five-minute promo for the six-episode second half of the third season of “Hannibal”. The storyline will focus heavily on the “Red Dragon” storyline from the books.

The clips include first looks at characters like Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage), Reba McClane (Rutina Wesley), the return of Neal Frank (Zachary Quinto), along with Hannibal himself finally imprisoned and behind glass.

The storyline will kick off with the current season’s eighth episode next week and will involve a three year time jump from events in the episode airing this coming Thursday which wraps up the ‘Florentine’ arc.

Also today, me and several Sydney film writers/commentators – including Maria Lewis and DH contributors Blake Howard and Sam Spettigue – are doing a podcast about the show with our coverage of the most recent three episodes now up at GwP. Spoilers and swearing abound.