Hanks Off Darabont’s Fahrenheit 451

Director Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”) has spent many years mulling over two planned film adaptations of literary works.

The first, Stephen King’s haunting novella “The Mist”, he finally turned into a decent film last year.

The later however, Ray Bradbury’s 1953 sci-fi classic “Fahrenheit 451,” remains in development. Yet the filmmaker is resolute in his resolve to make it, and had hoped to re-team with his “The Green Mile” star Tom Hanks on the film.

Sadly that doesn’t seem to be happening – “Mr. Hanks sadly and regretfully had to back out. I was really looking forward to working with him again but his other commitments just precluded it. He had to take a step back” said Darabont in an interview with MTV News.

Finding a replacement won’t be easy – “It needs to be somebody like [Hanks] who has the ability to trigger a greenlight but is also the right guy for the part. It’s a narrow target. It’s a short list of people.”

Bradbury’s famed novel is set in a totalitarian future where Guy Montag, a fireman of the future who goes around burning books on Government orders, becomes disillusioned with the society which has become anti-social, hedonistic, and suppresses critical thought.

Darabont says “I see this movie so clearly in my head. It’s flowing in my veins. One character in the script says, ‘It’s not really even about books. It’s about control.’ It’s about the control of government and authority. It’s one of the greatest books ever written. It’s got all that great political stuff underneath the skin of it but really what it is is a great galloping tale.”