Hanks’ “Bachelor Party” Becomes A TV Series

Following word of a TV series based on “Big” currently in development, not to mention a failed attempt last year to adapt “The Money Pit” into an NBC series, yet another Tom Hanks comedy from the 1980s is being dusted off for a small screen reboot.

ABC has given a put pilot commitment for “Bachelor Party,” a half-hour comedy anthology series loosely inspired by the 1984 film and produced by some of the key people involved in FOX’s “New Girl”.

The show examines relationships and the institution of marriage through the lens of three couples: one about to get married, another recently divorced and a third just falling in love. Like “American Horror Story” and “True Detective,” each season will focus on a whole new batch of characters.

20th Century Fox TV will produce the show which JJ Philbin, Jake Johnson, Jason Winer, Max Winkler and Renate Radford will executive produce.

The question now is will young Tom Hanks films like “The Burbs,” “Splash” and “Turner and Hooch” also be reinvented for the small screen soon?

Source: Deadline