Hammer Talks Batman, “Call” & “UNCLE” Sequels

Out talking up Stanley Tucci’s “Final Portrait,” actor Armie Hammer spoke about the various other projects he’s attached to in coming years – notably two sequels that are quite different to each other.

First up, there’s Luca Guadagnino’s follow-up to “Call Me By Your Name” which he says is still a few years off from shooting and that’s intentional as they want to be “like the Linklater thing” – referring to the “Before Sunrise” trilogy. Asked if he thought sequels were always a possibility, he tells Collider:

“No. I knew that, in the book, the story goes on for several more years than what we got in the movie, but when I signed on for this, it wasn’t like, ‘We’re gonna do another one.’ No one has signed contracts. We don’t have a studio. There’s not even a script.

The book jumps forward several years, and you see when Oliver is a professor and Elio is a piano player. I think people really responded well to the movie and the way Luca directed it. They obviously really responded well to Timmy (Timothee Chalamet). So, if they want another one, that’s a huge compliment. It could very well happen, yeah.”

Hammer was also asked about a possible sequel to Guy Ritchie’s “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”. Though performing softly at the box-office, the film has begun to earn a good cult following in recent years. Is it enough to warrant a sequel though:

“We’ll see. Every time I sit down with Lionel Wigram, who was one of the writers and also the producer of the film, we start throwing ideas around. ‘What about this?’ ‘Well, what about that?’ It’s that kind of thing. That was a fun [movie] to make. Working with Guy [Ritchie] was great. Doing that whole ‘60s spy thing was fun. Lionel was great. Alicia [Vikander] is fantastic. Henry [Cavill] is great, and Elizabeth Debicki. Everyone who worked on that was a lot of fun. If we’re able to get a great script and get it all locked in, then I can’t imagine anyone involved not going, ‘Yeah, that was a lot of fun! I’d love to do that again!'”

The comments come in the wake of two new pieces of art from George Miller’s now defunct “Justice League Mortal” from a decade ago going online last week. One showed DJ Cotrona in a Superman outfit, the other showed the full ‘League’ line-up but only in distant early concept art form. This included Batman whom Armie Hammer was slated to play.

Responding to the art leak on Twitter, Hammer said the art wasn’t quite right: “the Bat Suit isn’t right and also the Green Lantern was black.” You can see the shot he was referring to below: