“Hamilton” Recording Coming In 2021?

Hamilton Recording Coming In 2021

“Hamilton” may be a worldwide phenomenon, but many have yet to see it as the Broadway stage production has remained just that since it opened in 2015 with no talk of a film adaptation in the works.

With tickets both incredibly costly and difficult to come by, audio recordings have been the closest many can get to the show. However, The Wall Street Journal reports today that a film is indeed on the way – but not a feature adaptation.

Instead, a recorded version of the stage production, shot in 2016 with the complete original Broadway cast, is currently being fought over by multiple studios with rights potentially selling for more than $50 million.

If a studio does land the rights, they will have to wait a few years as well as the recording will not be allowed to play in theaters, or streaming, until 2020 or 2021 – the idea being to give the show at least two more years of exclusivity during which it can only be seen on stage.