Hamill Reprises Trickster On “The Flash”

Back in the early 1990s, Mark Hamill became famous for his voice work as The Joker on the acclaimed “Batman: The Animated Series”. Yet, that wasn’t the only comic villain the actor played during that time.

Before he got that gig, he popped up in two episodes of the original 1991 “The Flash” TV series as James Montgomery Jesse, aka. the villain The Trickster. Sporting garishly colored outfits, The Trickster nevertheless proved a lethal villain and is probably the most remembered baddie from the 1991 show.

Now The CW’s current “The Flash” series is not only bringing back The Trickster, but getting back Hamill for the role as well. Hitfix reports that Hamill will reprise his role as an aged, incarcerated version of James Jesse who helps the STAR Labs team hunt down a younger copycat Trickster.

Hamill, who will appear in the seventeenth episode of the first season, re-interprets the character as an anarchist terrorist and con man serving a life sentence in Iron Heights. A younger wannabe Trickster, likely based the more recent Axel Walker version of the character from the comics, is following in Jesse’s deadly footsteps with plans of a city-wide attack.

It also sounds like the episode will also feature an onscreen reunion of Hamill and John Wesley Shipp, the latter played The Flash in the 1990s series and plays the father of current Flash (Grant Gustin) in The CW show.