Hamill Goes Joker As Trickster-3 In “The Flash”

This is going to take a bit of explaining. Back in the early 1990s came “The Flash” TV series in which John Wesley Shipp as The Flash took on Mark Hamill as the costumed villain The Trickster (aka. James Jesse).

Hamill’s work there paved the way for his iconic voice turn as The Joker in Batman across numerous animated series and games, a role the actor hasn’t yet played in live-action.

Cut to the current “The Flash” TV series in which Hamill has made brief appearances as The Trickster again, while Shipp has played both Barry Allen’s father and now an alternate universe’s Flash – Jay Garrick from Earth-3.

In tonight’s mid-season finale episode of “The Flash,” Hamill and Depp finally take on each other again as The Flash vs. The Trickster albeit the Earth-3 versions of the characters and only for a brief throwaway scene early on.

Hamill’s alternate take on The Trickster in this seems very Joker-like, albeit with horse teeth, and will probably be the closest we’ll get to see him play the character in live-action. Check out the fun clip below along with a preview of the episode which deals with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) turning to Jay Garrick for help to stop Savitar – a creature that Garrick has only heard of as a Speed Force myth.